Meetingforum 2020 is happening!

We are pleased to announce that the first event will take place from September 30 to October 1, 2020.

The response of the project is positive on both sides. As the number of participants is limited and in view of the number of registrants, it is likely that in addition to the participants of the first meeting, a so-called “reserve” will have to be prepared. The idea of the list is our personal relationship between Estonian and Norwegian companies, based on the interests of Norwegian and Estonian companies.

The biggest and most important preliminary work for us is to find the right companies for your wishes and field of activity. All this requires thorough personal cooperation with all project participants. It is based on a thorough background study of the companies and a description of the company’s own goals and goals of participating in the project, as accurately as possible. It is important to know what kind of cooperation and which companies you are interested in meeting and, of course, under what conditions. This is the preliminary work we are currently working on day in and day out. By contacting entrepreneurs. This is the case in Norway and Estonia. We are very grateful for every little specification and detail you want to share about the company. For this purpose, we have prepared forms that we already ask the participants of the Meetingforum project to fill in personally.

As part of the initial event, we will focus primarily on entrepreneurs in the field of construction, which mainly includes custom-made furniture, wardrobes, bathrooms, kitchens, space planning, solar panels and security systems.

The event takes place in the premises of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Toom-Kooli 17. This atmosphere is an ideal place to meet new people and find new opportunities with companies operating in a similar field. We have thought of everything: at the moment, a very important issue for health security, as well as on an empty stomach, we have the support of both an interpreter and a lawyer.

It is important that the participants can fully focus on what they have come here for – finding new partners! Estonian and Norwegian entrepreneurs have the opportunity to meet face to face, build relationships and discuss business plans for the future.

The Meetingforum project is an ideal place to start if you and your company have not yet entered the export market. Participating in a meeting forum saves a lot of time and effort. This may be exactly what your business needs to accelerate its growth to the next level!