The first event was a success

Although we could not hold the event physically, the first Meetingforum event was held
successfully via Zoom on October 14, 2020. Everything went well in every way. The initial co-
operation agreements with Norwegian companies were concluded within 20 minutes with 8 
Estonian companies

Originally, the plan was to bring the Norwegian companies to Estonia to meet producers and get
acquainted with productions. Unfortunately, due to the new wave of COVID-19, both our
and foreign travel is limited.

Despite the change in format, the meetings were a huge success. Deals were made,
partnerships were formed and people were satisfied. We have gathered and listened to the
feedback given by all sides of the project and will continuously improve the process.
We have over 4000 Estonian and 1000 Norwegian companies in our database. This means
there are many exciting things to come. And of course, we will shift to the face to face
format as soon as possible.

Meanwhile the planned events will continue via Zoom
meetings, where the manufacturer and interested company can discuss partnerships in
individual video calls.

The next project is already planned for November 2020.

More info will be available soon!