Hello and welcome to all the new and old MeetingForum followers.

We are pleased to inform you that despite the ongoing global hardships we have been working hard, creating new business relationships, arranging personal meetings and initiating many new projects with successful cooperation between new partners. We are eagerly waiting for free and unrestricted travel between Estonia and Norway. All we want is for our participants

Happy New Year!

The new year is an opportunity to work with great momentum and new partners. Due to the pandemic, we have had to change our initial strategy and continue our work mainly through personal meetings in the Zoom platform. We will continue to do so until travel is limited. But as soon as the borders are

The first event was a success

Although we could not hold the event physically, the first Meetingforum event was heldsuccessfully via Zoom on October 14, 2020. Everything went well in every way. The initial co-operation agreements with Norwegian companies were concluded within 20 minutes with 8 Estonian companies Originally, the plan was to bring the Norwegian companies to Estonia to meet producers

About us

and our partner in Estonia


The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) is the oldest and largest business representative organization in Estonia, founded in 1925 to represent and protect the common interests of Estonian merchants, manufacturers, bankers and ship companies. As of to date, the ECCI, with more than 3,200 members, is the largest business representative organization in the country. The mission of ECCI is to develop entrepreneurship in Estonia via business services and to play an active role in shaping the local economic policy. We are members of the Baltic Sea Chambers of Commerce Association (BCCA) and Eurochambers. Further information:

The Meetingforum gives you easy access to the Norwegian market. For Estonian companies, this meeting place is an opportunity to introduce yourself promptly and efficiently to potential specific Norwegian companies that may become your future customers. For those who have not yet entered the export market, or who have attempted, but not successfully, our Meetingforum is the right place to start. Here is where you get the help and support you need to make the decisive step. Many companies have also experienced that a telephone call or e-mail to foreign companies is not sufficient to start with selling activity. In order to achieve success, it requires a lot of hard and time-consuming work. OTO Meedia and ECCI wish to help you with this via our Meetingforum.


The Meetingforum is owned by the Norwegian company One To One AS and OTO Meedia OÜ in Estonia. One To One has been doing business with the Baltic states and many different companies in Estonia already for years. Both companies are owned by Arne Lie, executive manager, who owns 2 more companies in Norway and 1 company in Denmark. Based on more than 15 years of experience in trading business between the Baltic Sea and Norway, Lie now wishes to establish a Meetingforum to bring even more Estonian companies to the Norwegian market. He also wishes more Norwegian companies to take advantage of this major potential, which consists of production, import and cooperation with modern Estonian companies.





14.10 – Glass and Wardrobe

November 2020 – Building and Construction (Estonian house manufacturers meet Norwegian construction companies and contractors)
Currently registered about 20 companies. Still open for registration!

Winter 2021 – Various industries within Construction

Winter 2021 – IT and programming

Spring 2021 – Graphic and Media

Meetingforum gives you easy access to the Norwegian market

For companies in Estonia, such an arrangement means that you will be able to quickly and efficiently introduce yourself to potential specific Norwegian companies that can become your future customers.

For those of you who have not yet stepped into the export market or who may have tried but have not succeeded, our Meetingforum will be spot on. Here you will get the help and support you need to take the step fully. It is becoming apparent that it is not just taking a phone or sending an email to foreign companies and thus the sale is underway. It takes a lot of hard and time-consuming work to succeed. OTO Meedia and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry want to help you with this through our Meetingforum.


Questions and answers


The Meetingforum is ideal for any business that values ​​time and contacts with potential customers and suppliers. Contact us if you have any questions or ideas about what you expect from participating in such an event.

Unexpected situations happen. If at the last minute it turns out that you cannot participate, there are two options.
We recommend that you would not participate or prepare for the meeting alone.

One reason for that is if fast important decisions must be taken or initial agreements need to be formalized. And at the same time, you would not be indebted to answers and explanations that can be very technical.

It also provides you with a so-called backup. If you are unable to participate, your company will still be represented.

Another option is to immediately notify our team that you cannot participate or you want to change the time.

Note that the entry fee is payable even if you do not participate.

As soon as your initial request to participate has been confirmed, we will send you introductions of companies that would like to meet you.
This is done on both sides – both in Estonia and Norway.
With the descriptions of the company, we ensure that the wishes and interests of the participants coincide, and also the background of the company is known by the time of the meeting.

The agenda is approved a few days before the meeting. It is possible to use a presentation at Zoom meetings
It is very important for us that you fill in the Membership form on the website, it also confirms your wish to participate in the project.

The day of the meetings looks something like this:

  • 11:00 – 11:45 Greetings from Arne Lie, Norwegian office and founder of Meetingforum. Welcome words and presentation Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • 12:00 – 16:00 B2B meetings according to the booked times, every 30 minutes

Yes, participating in the project costs money. The price depends on the format of the project, the number of participants and several other conditions.

Ask more about cost from us!



Arne Lie

CEO / Owner
+47 9304 5711


Kristiina Piirsoo

Sales and Marketing Manager Estonia
+372 521 6496

Tomm Walter Larsen

Sales and Marketing Manager Norway
+47 9138 82 06


Marju Männik

Foreign Trade Counsellor
+372 604 0077


Piret Potisepp

Director of Services
+372 604 0092

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